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About Us

About PunjabiNewz.com

We started the Punjab News website (www.punjabinewz.com) on the 1st of January this year. The purpose of the website is to say all the news of the country and abroad in a single website. In this website you will get all the material in Hindi and English language. I hope that you will give full support to our website. We have hired five employees to work in our newsroom. I hope to give jobs to more employees later.

To Read our website terms and conditions please visit our terms & Conditions page. If you have any suggestions about our website or want to join our team so please fill your contact details on contact us page.

Our Company have more websites that have informative information. So also visit that websites:

  1. newsongstv.com
  2. freethmes.com
  3. punjabinewz.com